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High Quality Builder Services in Beecroft

About Us

Olsen Construction is an expert home builder known for their efficient services of home improvements in Beecroft. We are proficient at renovation design and building services. Customers choose us to undertake home renovations, extensions and additions because of our quality work and excellent services.  

Our representative visits your site for the advice and a free quote on the action plan. We monitor and tailor our suggestions to your specific needs. our builders will work according to the plans for the refurbishment in consultation with you. 

Our qualified expert inventors work hard and assist our customers throughout the whole project. We always produce great results even when undertaking complex projects as our expert professionals have excellent problem-solving capabilities. 

In addition to outstanding customer service, we provide the highest quality of work. With over 30 years of experience, we are specialised in providing an excellent design for renovations.

We are aware of the standard construction methods and regulations. We help you improve your living space, extend or directly refurbish your entire home or outdoor area.


If you want a professional construction team to create a larger living area, connect your kitchen to your living room and courtyard extensions, or any other renovation service for your elegant home in Beecroft, contact us at (02) 9482 1000. For more information, contact us and get a free quote for a consultation with our experts. 

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