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Are you looking for home improvement solutions that are elegant, and budget-friendly as well? We are one of the most reliable home designers and building designers in Gordon. We cater to small-scale as well as large-scale constructions.

Olsen Construction, the renowned builders, deal in the construction, custom additions, renovations and home additions. In addition to outstanding customer service, we are especially known for our technical expertise in this field. Our results are always excellent and aimed at achieving the desired goals at cost-effective prices.


With over 30 years of experience in excellent renovation design, we have been able to deliver quality results in a timely manner. We also carry out complex projects with pride and attention to detail. Our focus on immaculate results sets us above the rest.

Our specialist builders possess excellent problem-solving skills. Our expert developers work with our customers to advise them on personalised home construction solutions throughout the project. 

We have a keen knowledge of the techniques and practices of construction. We help you improve your living area and expand your entire home in Gordon. We can help you to connect your living room with your kitchen, the backyard or any other building.

Initially, we will come to you and provide a mandatory inspection of your home. Our staff will provide you with relevant advice and cost guidance in accordance with the action plan. Your builder will thoroughly monitor the progress of your renovation and liaise with you to ensure your satisfaction.


Contact us at (02)94821000 to enquire about how we can assist with your home renovation project for your lovely home. Reach out to us and ask for the free quote!