Complete Home Builders Services in Pymble


We are trustworthy home designers and builders in Pymble. The well-known builders, Olsen Construction is specifically known for offering specialty services.

Our attention to detail, work quality and exceptional customer service sets us apart from any other builder in the local area. We offer extensive experience with over 30 years of excellent renovation design. We are also engaged in complex projects. We always deliver excellent results.

Thanks to our professional expertise in problem-solving, we are able to work closely with our customers. We inform and advise throughout the project to provide a uniquely personalised home building solution.


We will personally visit your home and provide guidance and a free quote as per the Action Plan. Your renovation or additions will be monitored thoroughly.

We are fully trained in traditional and modern building techniques and our work is always fully compliant with the regulations. We help you to improve your living room and expand or renovate your entire home in Pymble. We can help you to connect your kitchen, backyard or any other building to your living room.


You may need a specialist for your lovely home, contact us on (02)94821000. Our initial expert consultation is free of charge. We will be happy to see you at our doorstep.