Roseville Home Builders


Olsen Construction provides you with the best quality services if you are seeking the best renovation services in Roseville. We have been offering the perfect renovation solutions for the past 30 years and have produced the best results.

With our primary goal of delivering all kinds of satisfying construction services at competitive prices, we provide customer-oriented services like:

  1. Designing Renovations

  2. Build Renovations

  3. Extensions

  4. Alterations

  5. Additions


We take pride in providing the best services to design your dream home. We also help you design your home as per your customised requirements. We provide a wide range of construction services for you with useful solutions.


Our qualified and certified team of experts is known for its quality and on-time performance. We ensure your dream home has the best features and design in consultation with you. Your builder will work closely with you and we know that we will exceed your expectations in every way possible.

We offer you professional and skilled builders, carpenters and architectures to build your dream home within your budget.

Contact us to receive our quality services in Roseville. We are always willing to offer you the best quality services. Call us at (02) 9482 1000 for more details.

Reach out to us, the ideal builders, and ask our experts for a free quote.