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As reputable builders, Olsen Construction is well known for its efficient housing improvements in Willoughby. We are experts in reconstruction and renovations. Our home development services are proven to provide the best results. Our customers prefer our services for our excellent workmanship and choice of premium materials.


We, as expert builders, offer the highest quality of work in addition to excellent customer service. We have been specialising in excellent renovation design for the last 30 years, so we have tons of building experience. Throughout the entire project, our experienced experts support our customers with innovative solutions.


We have been producing excellent results because of our unique problem-solving capabilities of our professionals while undertaking quite complex projects.

Our representative will visit your home to advise you on the action plan and offer the best advice for the action plan. Your builder will ensure that you get the personalised service you require. We renovate according to your instructions and desires.

We provide cost-effective services with a better aesthetic appeal to your home. We are highly trained and experienced in all standard building techniques and we are compliant with all building regulations. We can help you improve, expand or reconstruct your entire living space.

Connect to us for home solutions in Willoughby for your living room or kitchen refurbishment, or for the refurbishment of your entire home. Please call us at (02) 9482 1000 for professional building services. To find out more. Contact us, the ideal builders, and ask for a free quote from our experts.